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NEDRARU portal.RU became a participant of the "Made in Russia" project

NEDRARU portal.RU became a participant of the "Made in Russia" project

NEDRARU.RU is Russia's first electronic trading platform in the field of subsoil use.

On the NEDRARU online platform.EN you can buy, sell, lease a subsoil plot or a deposit, as well as find reliable suppliers and contractors.

Currently on the NEDRARU website.RU there are more than 600 companies with licenses for the development of subsurface areas and deposits of gold, silver, coal, oil, gas, crushed stone, building stone, sand, clay and other minerals located in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

Every day on NEDRARU.RU is visited by more than 1000 users.

All subsurface use objects offered for sale or rent on NEDRARU.EN, undergo mandatory verification. After the publication of the announcement of the sale or lease of the object, the moderators of the NEDRARU site.RU verify the declared parameters of the object with the data contained in the official databases of the Russian Geological Information Fund and databases of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Verify: the number and type of license for the use of subsoil, its validity period, the type of mineral, the status of the license (valid or revoked), reserves and forecast resources of the subsoil plot, the location of the object, the name and address of the legal entity or IP – user of the subsoil, compliance with the TIN, registration data, bankruptcy data, etc. There are more than 20 parameters in total. Only if all the declared data fully match the relevant state registers, the published announcement about the object is verified with the icon "Verified by NEDRARU". Thus, we guarantee the users of the NEDRARU website.RU the maximum reliability of the information posted on the portal on verified objects.

NEDRARU.RU is the only aggregator site in Russia for the entire subsurface use market. On the NEDRARU portal.RU presents not only reliable and verified ads for the purchase, sale and lease of deposits and subsurface areas in Russia and CIS countries, but also ads from other Russian online platforms: Avito, Zolotodb, Biztotal and other resources. These ads are published on NEDRARU.EN in the profile section "Partner announcements".

Portal services NEDRARU.RU:

- NEDRARU.RU conducts electronic auctions for raising and lowering.

An auction with an increase in price (English auction), the winner of which is recognized as the person who offered the highest price. An auction with a reduced price (Dutch auction), the winner of which is recognized as the person who first agreed to pay the price offered at the auction.

- In-depth verification of the object's documents.

If there is an interest in the object, the investor can order an additional in-depth verification, and we will provide the most complete geological, legal, analytical and historical data about the object. The portal will help to conduct an independent assessment of the deposit and become the owner of the most verified information about the proposed project and make an informed investment decision. This will increase investor confidence and increase the likelihood of a deal.

- Transaction support

Specialists and partners of the portal with many years of experience in registration and legal support of transactions in the field of subsoil use will help to prepare all the necessary documents and ensure the legal purity of the transaction. Experts will insure the seller and buyer at every step and will help to carry out the process of buying and selling a share or a block of shares of a legal entity, as well as concluding an Agreement on service risks without unexpected consequences.

- Services to subsoil users

NEDRARU.RU is an aggregator of services for subsurface users. On the website, professional performers of various works in the field of geological exploration of the subsoil and the development of mineral deposits offer their services to subsoil users. At the moment, the portal has posted information about the services provided by 36 service companies from various fields of services for subsoil users. The number of such companies is steadily growing.

- Real sales

Since the launch of the project on March 31, 2022 at the NEDRARU site.EN 27 purchase and sale transactions of legal entities - owners of subsoil plots and mineral deposits have already been concluded, including:

6 purchase and sale transactions for deposits in Russia: placer gold deposits in the Amur region and Yakutia, a deposit of building stones in Yakutia, an oil field in the Orenburg region;

21 purchase and sale transactions for subsurface areas and deposits in Kazakhstan with contracts and licenses for exploration and production of ore gold and ore silver, coal, copper, tin, tantalum, beryllium, aluminum, tungsten and other minerals.

The main achievement of the project is the creation in Russia of a publicly accessible and civilized secondary market for subsurface use in the mass segment of medium and small deposits. The result is a revival of business activity and the attraction of private financing in mining and processing projects in Russia.

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