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The first ethnocovorking started working in Kalmykia


The first coworking center with an ethnic orientation was created in Kalmykia. As Natalia Ganzhigayeva, Acting Minister of Economy and Trade of the republic, said, this was done thanks to the national project "Small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and support for individual entrepreneurial initiative".

"The next stage is a joint project of the regional center "My Business" and members of the tourism cluster, developing folk crafts. The work of the first ethnocovorking in the republic has been launched in Elista, which is designed to become a center of attraction for creative people engaged in activities with an ethnic direction. In fact, we supported the initiative of our entrepreneurs aimed at development, implementation of ideas useful to society, production of environmentally friendly products," Ganzhigayeva said.

As for coworking, it is a professionally equipped area of about 100 square meters on the ground floor of the center "My Business". According to the organizers, it has become a point of attraction for entrepreneurs — representatives of folk arts and crafts, who are already actively using various support measures from the center. In particular, it is planned to hold workshops on tailoring, felting, making souvenirs with national symbols.

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