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2020-05-18 08:00

The first consignments were shipped via the Russian Railways network as a part of container and TOFC freight trains

On May 10, a Trailer on flatcar (TOFC) loaded with polymer products arrived to Moscow from Kaliningrad to Kuntsevo-2 station. As part of a series of test transportations, this platform was first included and shipped as part of a Trailer on flatcar freight train. In the opposite direction - from Moscow to Kaliningrad - it is planned to deliver construction cargoes for Kaliningrad enterprises in the semi-trailer.

The Trailer on flatcar freight train can travel from departure station to destination station in less that 2 days which is two times faster that a standart motor transportation but at the similar cost. At the same time, logistics costs are reduced due to faster passage of international checkpoints by rail.

The first Trailer on flatcar shipment with construction materials as a part of a container freight train on is organized on May, 10th from Moscow (from station Kuntsevo-2) to Novosibirsk (to station Kleshchikha).

Delivery time of the semi-trailer to Kleshchikha station will be about 5 days, which is faster than by motor transport. The movement of container and container trains is organized according to a specially designed schedule.

The new way of transportation will make it possible not only to increase the volume of transportation by rail, but also to unload road traffic and reduce the impact of heavy vehicles on road infrastructure and the environment.

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Author: Anton Petrov

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