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The expert told what goods before the New Year can become cheaper in Russia


Traditionally, before the New year, goods of seasonal summer segments become cheaper in our country. This is written by "Prime" with reference to the words of associate Professor of the Faculty of Economics of the RUDN Sergey Chernikov.

He noted that a significant reduction in prices by the end of the year should not be expected. Now, according to the expert, almost all consumer goods are affected by global inflation.

"Of course, I would like to see a significant drop in the so-called hyped goods, which suddenly gained popularity in connection with the mobilization: canned food, tourist equipment, medicines. Now the demand for them has fallen, but companies need to replenish stocks. To do this, we have to make purchases already at new, increased prices," Chernikov said.

However, no price growth for these categories is predicted.

At the end of November, the media reported that the average base cost of components for olivier had decreased in Russia – to 281 rubles. This is 30% below the level of the Olivier Rosstat index for last year.

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