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Online sales of Arkhangelsk cosmetics and algae supplements increased by 100% in 2022

Online sales of Arkhangelsk cosmetics and algae supplements increased by 100% in 2022

05.12.22, Moscow — By the end of 2022, online sales of Arkhangelsk cosmetics, dietary supplements and functional nutrition from algae AB1918 increased by 100% (twice) compared to last year: against the background of the departure of Western brands and consumer attention to Russian manufacturers, as well as the improvement of sales channels.

In recent years, the love for algae cosmetics in Russia has grown, primarily due to foreign products: spirulina and chlorella supplements, Thalion and Thalgo wraps and miso soup with nori for lunch. But this year the import situation has naturally changed. After iHerb left, it became difficult and expensive to order American "marine" dietary supplements, and many popular brands left the Russian market (such as La Mer) or reduced supplies (such as Thalion). And here Russian manufacturers come to the fore: many metropolitan "beautigolics" this year discovered masks and wraps from Arctic kelp, bestsellers AB1918 — there is something to replace the more expensive products from Guam and Thalgo, stocks of which are constantly running out in stores. Sales of AV1918 are especially growing in Moscow — the share of the capital has increased from ¼ to ⅓.

The Arkhangelsk algae plant has been around for the last two years, but its history began in 1918 — it started as the oldest pharmaceutical enterprise in Russia, iodine and sodium alginate were made here, in the late 80s the production of cosmetics from algae was launched, in the 90s - dietary supplements. In 2016, the company underwent a late privatization, in 2017 it was bought by a group of Moscow investors. The new team managed to revitalize production and make the local brand AV1918 available throughout Russia: due to a convenient website and mobile application with an online store, as well as well-organized delivery, these funds arrive almost anywhere in the country in 3-7 days.

Now the Arkhangelsk Algae Plant is the only enterprise in Russia that has implemented and uses deep processing of algae "from the sea to the shelf". From May to September, seasonal workers go out by boat to the ecologically clean waters of the White Sea near Solovki and uninhabited islands of the Barents Sea to manually collect brown algae. The company practices the extraction of algae with a zero carbon footprint, and unlike other leading countries in marine biochemistry (China, Norway), the collected algae are not poured with formalin, which is dangerous for the marine ecosystem, but dried on hangers in a natural way.

The harsh Arctic climate also does its job: kelp and fucus, which grow in the White Sea, absorb more nutrients than algae from warm seas. Due to this, AV1918 cosmetics also turns out to be so active: even the brand's technologists, who passionately believe in the living power of White Sea algae, are surprised by the results of their own clinical studies. According to them, Lami Nari facial moisturizer increases skin hydration by 10%, alginate biomask "Skin Radiance" improves skin microcirculation by 74% (both products are included in the "Mystery of the White Sea" set).Read more interesting news in our Telegram channel

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