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2020-05-18 07:30

EXIAR has supported the supply of sanitary products to EU countries

The Russian Export Center (REC) and one of the leading manufacturers of base paper and sanitary products, Syktyvkar Tissyu Group, expanded their cooperation.

The Russian Export Credit and Investment Insurance Agency (EXIAR), a member of the REC Group, provided the exporting company with insurance coverage for the delivery of products on deferred payment terms to countries such as Germany and the Czech Republic, which will strengthen the position of the Russian manufacturer of SGI in Europe.

Syktyvkar Tissyu Group - is the continuously operating backbone enterprise and in the conditions of a pandemic of a coronavirus infection worked and continues to work without stop, letting out paper sanitary-and-hygienic production of household and professional appointment of prime necessity: a toilet paper, paper towels, a wiping material.

The service of accounts receivable insurance provided by JSC EXIAR allows not only to work effectively with accounts receivable, closing the risks of non-payment, including in case of bankruptcy of foreign contractors, but also allows the exporter to increase the volume of business with existing contractors, enter new markets and find new contractors, attract financing under insurance coverage from Russian and Western banks.

We pay tribute to the professional work of the Russian Export Center, thanks to which we can expand the horizons of our business, especially in the difficult economic situation in which the vast majority of Russian enterprises and our company in particular. Supporting the export of paper and paper products is a very important and socially responsible measure, as our products have no "borders". It is necessary not only for retail consumers, but also for medical institutions, which found themselves in the forefront of the fight against the infection of COVID-19, - says Alexander Kagan, Director of Development of Syktyvkar Tissyu Group.

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Author: Anton Petrov

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