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2020-05-15 01:40

Russian Agro Holding Damate is expanding production lines

The Damate Group of Companies acquired the refrigeration plant Penzholod in order to expand their product line with ice cream production.

Penzholod has been producing ice cream since 1993. Today, there are dozens of kinds of ice cream in the assortment under Nashe brand - glasses, briquettes, eskimo, sandwiches, etc. The products are made from natural ingredients. At the enterprise the full production cycle is created - 12 production lines, wafer baking shop, car park are installed. For the purposes of quality assurance of initial raw materials and finished goods at the enterprise own laboratory is organised, it allows to carry out the strict control on organoleptic, physicochemical, microbiological indicators.

The refrigerating plant has storage capacities which are equipped with the modern system of the automated storage and allow to place simultaneously to 1500 tons of production.

Nashe ice-cream is available not only in Russia, but also in Republics of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia. The company has also successfully passed products certification to be able to export their ice-cram to China.

For Damate group of companies this purchase is a good investment, while the rich experience of the group of companies, its financial capabilities will potentially have a positive impact on further modernization and scaling up the ice cream production.

For reference: Damate is a Russian agricultural holding, working in several areas: production of turkey and lamb, processing of turkey, dairy cattle breeding and milk processing.

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Author: Daniel Zagidullin

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