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Renowned russian blogger Anastasia Ivleeva is going to support local SMEs

2020-05-16 04:10

Renowned russian blogger Anastasia Ivleeva is going to support local SMEs

On her Instagram page, Anastasia Ivleeva announced the launch of a charity project "Business will live" to support SMEs (small and medium businesses).

Iveleva does not promise financial support, but media promotion to its total audience of 22 million people can be a salvation for business in the conditions of pandemic. After selecting a number of companies, she promises to write a post about each enterprise in Instagram, as well as to hold an "As Seen On TV Products" analogue, where she will try out the goods and services of the selected companies.

Criteria for selection of companies to provide media support from Iveleeva are simple and close to grant conditions of project selection. The business is founded and operates in Russia, provides socially significant services in several regions, has a website, social networks and conducts transparent work with clients: official internet payments, publicly available details, etc.

According to the editorial office of Made in Russia opinion, no matter what image Iveleeva has, in such a difficult period of time this initiative from her side will spur interest in both the promoted enterprises and the very personality of the blogger. In April, Anastasia donated 1.5 million rubles to Caritas and the Stork Foundation, thus helping the poor, seriously ill and people in difficult situations.

Previously, National Media Group (NMG), Yandex and Group holding have noted similar initiatives to promote goods and services in the affected industries. The giants decided to support through direct advertising on TV channels, issued advertising budgets and various free subscriptions to services for work.

You can leave an application for media support at

For reference. Anastasia Ivleeva is a Russian TV presenter, actress and video blogger. She is best known as an Instagram celebrity, as well as a host of Travel show Heads and Tails kind of Russian versions of the Amazing race tv-show.

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Author: Daniel Zagidullin

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