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2020-05-18 08:05

Russian device Tianox will help in COVID-19 treatment

Invented by the Russian scientists, the device named Tianox, can help in treatment of the patients with confirmed coronavirus COVID-19.

Since 2017, the device for treatment with nitrogen monoxide (inhalation NO-therapy) has undergone pre-clinical, clinical and technical trials. All tests showed the product's safety and the possibility of its use in medical institutions. The purpose of Tianox is to help patients with heart diseases. Nitrogen monoxide has a vasodilating effect, which reduces lung pressure. In addition, nitrogen monoxide helps to cope with the lungs thrombosis of small vessels. The latter is one of the possible processes occurring in the body of a coronavirus patient. That is, potentially the device will find its application in treating the infection.

The main feature of the device - the synthesis of nitrogen monoxide from the surrounding air in a gas discharge and supply it in the right quantities directly to the patient's lungs. According to scientists, now the companies use cylinders with nitrogen oxide (NO) and not one of them does not generate it itself. The cost of such devices starts from 3 mln rubles excluding additional costs for consumables. For many clinics this is an unaffordable cost, but in the case of Tianox only electricity is sufficient, consumption of which does not exceed 100 watts. On the other hand, where NO-therapy is widely used, for example, in the USA and Germany, NO is produced by chemical reactions on special installations. However, the shelf life of nitrogen monoxide is short, on average two months. After their expiry, NO is transformed into a poisonous gas, nitrogen dioxide.

Scientists say that it is still to be found out in practice the usefulness of the device for the treatment of patients with coronovirus COVID-19, so far received an order from Rosatom to manufacture 50 devices by the end of June this year.

For reference: Rosatom is a Russian state holding company uniting nuclear industry enterprises.

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Author: Daniel Zagidullin

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