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2020-05-18 02:19

New flower bulk storage, transportation and dosing system was presented In Russia

The design department of russian company Russkaya Trapeza (Russian Meal), a member of the Russian Association of Specialized Machinery and Equipment (Rosspetsmash Association) has developed for the customer company an individual project of storage, transportation and dosing system of bulk ingredients. The project covered a wide range of equipment.

The developed system includes 3 steel silos (50 cubic meters) with flour weighing system, several boring and sieving areas, as well as two dosing points with aspiration system and rotary dispenser. In addition, the project provides for two types of routes for bulk feed - spiral and pneumatic. The pneumatic conveying system is designed for discharging flour from flour trucks into silos, while the spiral conveying system is designed for conveying raw materials inside the production halls.

The equipment was selected and developed taking into account the erected building structures. As a result of the selected solutions, a large automated complex was designed to ensure storage and uninterrupted supply of the product to the dosing points.

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Author: Anton Petrov

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