2020-05-20 10:09

KAMAZ produced first LNG trucks with two cryobucks

KAMAZ Automobile Plant continues to develop and produce vehicles operating on alternative fuel. Between February and March, 6 units of the new KAMAZ model 5490 operating on LNG and having two cryogenic chambers on board were manufactured. Such a design allows the vehicles to successfully compete with diesel counterparts providing 400 hp power and a range of 1400 km.

The appearance of the new model has caused a stir among potential buyers wishing to provide increased competitiveness in their transportation. The use of alternative fuel for long-haul transport will significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the vehicle fleet and its operation. The first batch of trucks is already being used in test mode by some companies.

Evgeny Pronin, Director for NGVs at KAMAZ, said that the use of natural gas is particularly efficient on long-haul trucks, which allows reducing fuel consumption by 3-4 times compared to diesel units. At the same time, the plant management understands that the gas fuelling network in Russia is only in the development stage and offers a solution in the form of KAMAZ 5490 hybrid gas-diesel trucks running on compressed natural gas. It is also stated that not only the NGV trucks are popular but also extremely ecologically friendly.

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Author: Anton Petrov

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