Exoskeletons production launched in Kursk
2020-05-21 02:06

Exoskeletons production launched in Kursk

The Laboratory of Mechatronics and Robotics of the Kursk South-West State University reports about the launch of serial production of exoskeletons for workers involved in the movement of heavy loads at enterprises and production facilities. Andrey Yatsun, head of the laboratory, informed about the beginning of production. The specialist said that at the first stage, small-scale assembly of up to 15 exoskeletons per month was launched and deliveries to customers have already started.

In addition, the representative of the laboratory announced that its engineers are already testing a new development. It is a lightweight version of the exoskeleton designed for use in loading and unloading operations that do not require the capabilities of other models of the company.

It was mention a great amount work done to equip the laboratory products with functions of increased intellectualization of the work process, helping exoskeleton users by completing them with sensors and technical means to collect information about the environment and work processes. Received data should improve the quality and speed of the work.

To support customers of innovative products in 2020, the All-Russian Center for Theoretical and Practical Training of Specialists from various Russian companies for the use of exoskeletons was established on the basis of Southwestern State University.

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Author: Anton Petrov

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