Russian division UMATEX develops a new composite recycling system
2020-05-27 10:30

Russian division UMATEX develops a new composite recycling system

ZUKM plant from UMATEX division, a part of the state corporation Rosatom, has started testing new equipment for fiber cutting as part of creating its own unique composite recycling system.

The project is aimed at solving the problem of carbon fiber production waste recycling. The plant's specialists plan to create a system ensuring recycling of carbon plastics and production of new products from them. The demand for goods produced under the new project is planned to be met by order from the key enterprises operating in strategic sectors of Russian industry.

The created products will preserve all properties of composites, which will make it possible to use them in a wide list of production enterprises belonging to space industry, aircraft building, shipbuilding, machine-building, power engineering, consumer goods production and others.

Establishment of its own waste processing division and production of new products from them is part of ZUKM's plans to expand sales markets, ensure business diversification and financial stability of the enterprise.

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UMATEX is the only full cycle carbon fiber manufacturer in Russia. The division includes many enterprises in key regions of Russia, own trading houses and a research center in Moscow. In order to develop the industry, the first Russian interregional cluster "Composites without borders" was created with the participation of UMATEX.

Author: Anton Petrov

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