2020-05-25 08:30

Atommash manufactured the Core Barrel of Reactor Pressure Vessel for nuclear plant in Bangladesh

The Core Barrel of Reactor Pressure Vessel was manufactured by the AEM-Technology branch based in the city of Volgodonsk.

The AEM-Technology operates as a part of a machine-building division Atomenergomash, a subsidiary of the largest machine-building state-owned corporation Rosatom.

The reactor internals have three main elements, and the mine is one of them. The hull of the mine itself is built of an elliptical bottom and six shells. It weighs 63 tonnes and is almost 11 metres high.

Atomenergomash is a sole supplier of all the equipment for the reactor section of the Ruppur Nuclear Power Plant. The company also manufactures a large part of the equipment for the turbine hall including pumping and heat exchange equipment, steam generators and reactors.

The Ruppur nuclear plant designed according to the Russian project and consist of 2 power units with 1200 MWT and generation 3+ VVER reactors.

Manufactured in Russia // Made in Russia

Author: Daria Vankova