KAMAZ leasing subsidiary has sold five KAMAZ-65115 trucks
2020-05-25 12:05

KAMAZ leasing subsidiary has sold five KAMAZ-65115 trucks

Dump trucks were delivered by KAMAZ official dealer Auto Leader-North.

KAMAZ-65115 trucks due to a hight output 300 bhp engine can withstand payload as high as 14.5 tons. The rugged chassis with rear loading side can accommodate up to 10 cubic meters of payload, the wheel formula 6x4 designed for the most difficult road conditions. One of the main advantages of the 65115 models is the new compact cabin that accomodates the driver and the passengers with comfort and offers modern and well-organized access to the main control systems.

The trucks were leased under new advertising campaign named "To catch a lucky break" that include special offers with government subsidy that covers part of the cost. The campaign includes minimum advance payment and maximum lease period - up to five years. In addition the offer includes a full hull insurance at a best rate and fast response for all inquires.

The trucks were bought by a Russian company RBR Group engaged in road construction and trucks and equipment rent business since 2013. The five trucks became the first contract between RBR Group and KAMAZ that might be a good start for the future development of the partnership.

Manufactured in Russia // Made in Russia

Author: Daria Vankova