2020-05-27 12:04

KAMAZ has launched sales of the new K-5 generation truck

KAMAZ has launched the sales of KAMAZ-54901 model from the new lineup K-5 generation. The new model is superior to the previous generation having reduced fuel consumption by 10% (30 l/100 km), extended service interval by 50% (up to 120 thousand km), and increased service life by 20% (up to 1.2 million km).

The truck is equipped with a new in-line 6-cylinder 450 bhp KAMAZ P6 engine, a new 12-speed ZF Traxon gearbox with extended functionality for the driver and a Daimler rear axle with a reduced gear ratio for fuel saving, and disc brakes on front and rear axles.

The vehicle is also equipped with two 1400 liters fuel tanks giving more than 4500 km of range. In addition, for the drives convenience , the truck's base package already includes a multimedia system with a navigator, internet access, reading the parameters of the vehicle, as well as the factory system of satellite transport monitoring ITIS-KAMAZ.

The production of the vehicle was launched in 2019. Before launch the new KAMAZ-54901 has been tested by transport and logistic companies in order to withstand final improvements.

The new truck base price starts at 7 mln RUR (around 100 000 USD) but may vary in dealerships and due to the manufacturer's special offers including state leasing program for the haulers made in russia.

Author: Anton Petrov

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