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The expert spoke about the export potential of creative industries in Russia

The expert spoke about the export potential of creative industries in Russia

The economy of Russia and other countries of the world continues to transform after the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the fastest growing areas at the moment is the creative industry. Elena Dubovchenko, an expert in the TV and film content industry, former head of Sony Pictures Television in Russia and Eastern Europe, told the editorial board of "Made in Russia" about the development of this industry.

"What is the creative industry? For the first time this concept appeared in the UK in the late 90s, the creative sector was defined as an industry that creates jobs as a result of individual skills, creative energy and imagination. Now the creative industry includes publishing, advertising, television, art, design, programming, fashion, design and much more," the expert noted.

According to her, the Russian creative sector and the brand "Made in Russia" have acquired a new color in the world community and are experiencing all kinds of tools of displacement from the international market. Dubovchenko also named the main tips necessary for Russian creativity to enter the international market even in conditions of external pressure on the country. Among them, she identified five main points.

● Decide on the geography. Creators (let's call the representatives of the creative sector that way) tend to think about foreign markets in general terms, for example, the market of America, Europe or Asia. Determine the country in which you are going to launch the project. Exclude the countries where the Russian Federation is included in the sanctions list.

● Business breakfast with the Ambassador. Monitor the events of Russian embassies, get involved in their business assistance programs. Interact with any friendly diasporas in the intended country, use ethnic and linguistic ties.

● Explore. Conduct an adequate study – each country has its own culture, fashion, historical context, social networks, and finally. Find out how easy it will be for you to work in this market, and who your potential audience is.

● Adapt the idea. Many believe that the same idea that has found success in Russia can be sold to foreign markets. Not always. Find out if your project will fit into the local landscape, localize and create new meanings.

● Be ready for success. Make sure that you can really sell in another country - if there are suitable payment systems, the possibility of technical support and communication in social networks with your fans in their native language.

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