2020-05-27 12:06

Russian company Profotech localizes production in Switzerland for export to Europe

Profotech intends to localize the production of optical transformers in Switzerland for subsequent distribution to the markets of Europe and North America. At the moment Profotech has been a resident of the Special economic zone Technopolis Moscow.

It is planned that the corresponding agreement for a period of five years between the Swiss manufacturer of energy equipment Condis SA and the company Profotech will be signed in 2021. According to the document, products intended for export will be produced under the joint brand Condis-Profotech. In addition, a service center to support consumers will be opened in Switzerland.

Profotech established in 2010 with the participation of the state-owned corporation Rusnano. The company manufactures fiber optic current and voltage measuring transformers, which are an alternative to traditional electromagnetic measuring transformers. The company's products are used in power engineering facilities - network farms, generating facilities, energy-intensive industries.

Author: Anton Petrov

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