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Rosneft will begin restoration of the Ropshinsky Palace in the Leningrad Region in 2024


Rosneft expects to begin restoration work on the Ropshinsky Palace in the Leningrad Region in 2024. This was stated at the final press conference by the head of the region, Alexander Drozdenko.

"In 2024, Rosneft plans to begin the restoration of the Ropshinsky Palace. The partner is reliable and such projects are within his power. This is a landmark project for us. Ropshinsky Palace with a twist. It has everything we like: ghosts, tragedies, and farce. Everything goes on as usual," Drozdenko said.

At the same time, the governor did not specify the amount of investments in the implementation of the project.

recall that the Ropshinsky Palace is the former palace of the Romanovs. It is named after the homestead complex of the same name in Ropsha. The palace was founded at the beginning of the XVIII century, was rebuilt several times and passed from private owners under the control of the state. It entered the history of the state as the place of death of Emperor Peter III.

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