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But Russians spent more on "New Year" products this December by 13%


Russians have increased spending on popular products for the New Year's table - mayonnaise, crab sticks, red caviar, tangerines. The growth in the first half of December was 13%. This is reported by TASS with reference to the results of the research of the analytical resource "Check Index".

"The average amount of spending on traditional "New Year" products in the first half of December amounted to 3,595 rubles - 13% (or 426 rubles) higher than last year," the agency quotes an excerpt from the text of the study.

In more detail, the average receipt for mayonnaise increased by 17%, for canned peas - by 18%, crab sticks - by 10%.

But sales of red caviar in physical terms decreased the most - by 12%, while the average receipt increased by 11% - to 2,501 rubles.

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Dmitry Soroka

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