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The government decided to support chemical producers in the face of sanctions


Developers and manufacturers of chemical products will receive tax benefits from the state budget. As reported on the official website of the Government of the Russian Federation, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers signed a corresponding resolution. The document expands the types of scientific research and development work - now the costs of them will be taken into account to reduce tax payments.

"The updated list includes 26 technologies for the production of chemicals. Among them are fertilizers and plant protection products, compounds for oil production, detergents, derivatives for cosmetics, additives for plastic and rubber, additives for fuel and lubricants, disinfectants, raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, substances for food additives," RIA Novosti notes.

It is known that the expenses of companies for these types of activities, which are approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, are excluded from the calculation base of the corresponding tax. The press service of the government says that they relate to expenses with an increased coefficient of 1.5, that is, the payments themselves are reduced.

The government hopes that the decision will stimulate Russian producers of winter products and support them in the face of sanctions.

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