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2020-06-03 09:03

REC will help KAMAZ to develop export

Russian export center (REC) provides 1.85 bln RUR support for Russian trucks manufacturer KAMAZ to secure export contracts via Eximbank of Russia a subsidiary of the state-owned REC.

The financial support will help KAMAZ to fulfil already existing export contracts obligations and raise potential profit.

KAMAZ uses extensively payment insurance, pre-export financing and various types of bank guarantees. According to Nikita Gusakov, REC Senior Vice-President, pre-export financing has become even more in demand and more profitable than regular loans.

REC assists KAMAZ for more than 9 years by providing financial and non-financial support on a continuous basis.

For reference. The state-owned Russian Export Center provides various types of financial and non-financial support for Russian export companies and international buyers of Russian products and services.

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Author: Daniel Zagidullin

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