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Moscow sports nutrition manufacturer signed an export contract with retail chain Decathlon

2020-06-05 08:00

Moscow sports nutrition manufacturer signed an export contract with retail chain Decathlon

The Russian company from Moscow ACADEMIA-T has signed the export contract with retail chain Decathlon and will supply it with a new line of products. Thus, company's various sports nutrition products are going to hit the shelfs of the retail chain exclusively in all EAEC countries stores.

Under the new contract the manufacturer will sell the products under Decathlon's brand Aptonia already widely used in retail chain's stores to sell wide range of goods. According to the Made in Russian editors it is most likely that the contract's terms to use Decathlon's brand is due to company's intention to help a new partner to boost sales under the name that already quite popular in EAEC countries.

At the same time ACADEMIA-T on its own is an established exporter successfully working on the markets of the Republic of Belarus, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in more than sixty Russian hypermarkets and online store Decathlon.

Previously ACADEMIA-T for two years has undergone a rigorous international audit and assessment of production levels. It has received a number of awards at Russian exhibitions and forums, sponsors competitions in various sports and other activities related to bodybuilding and fitness.

For reference. ACADEMIA-T is a Russian manufacturer of functional, sports and therapeutic nutrition and bioactive additives, resident of Special Economic Zone Technopolis Moscow . The company has been supplying sports nutrition products to Russian national teams for 8 years, including many world and Olympic champions of Sochi 2014, Rio 2016.

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Author: Daniel Zagidullin

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