Russian Railways and Rostec to invest in 5G networks development
2020-06-05 10:00

Russian Railways and Rostec to invest in 5G networks development

More than 5 bln RUR from the federal budget and extra-budgetary sources will be allocated to give access to 5G networks on the Russian highways and railways. On the extra-budgetary part will be funded a little less than 1 bln RUR . The project will be managed by the Russian Railways and GLONASS-TM a joint venture of GLONASS and Rostec.

According to the government project to develop Information Infrastructure in Russia, the infrastructure for the new generation of networks is a matter of high importance for development of the Internet of things (IoT) and autopilot functions for rail and road transport. In the future, cars, trains and other vehicles are to transmit data to each other via the Internet, coordinate their routes in real time, and optimize their routes and travel times. As soon as man minimizes involvement in the management of the vehicles it is expected a sharp drop in the death rate during an accident, thanks to advanced machine learning, which will accumulate the experience of all previous crashes.

It has been decided to start implementing the new generation of networks within the Moscow Central Diameters, several extra-class sorting stations and the A-181 motorway on the border with Finland.

The main problem in the implementation of this project is the fact that needed frequencies are in Russian army possession. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation is very reluctant to part with its well-established communication channels, which could slow down the implementation of fifth-generation networks. To be fair, a similar problem is observed in other countries.

According to specialists, a single information network for intelligent transport systems will increase transport capacity by at least a quarter, cargo turnover will increase by 10%, passenger turnover - by 20%. The efficiency of public transport can increase by one and a half times.

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Author: Daniel Zagidullin