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Achievements of the capital's aluminum wire manufacturer in 2022

Achievements of the capital's aluminum wire manufacturer in 2022

With the help of aluminum wire, an unimaginable number of things are done. For example, it is used for "growing" industrial parts on 3D printers, welding the most important structures when assembling new aircraft, and even for packaging products that will end up in our refrigerators. Thanks to the capital's Avial plant, this irreplaceable product has become even more — here, by the end of 2022, its production has increased by more than 15% compared to last year's figure, the Telegram channel "Moscow Industrial" reports.

The success of the metropolitan wire was promoted by its affordable price, high quality, eco—friendly production process, and also by innovative manufacturing technologies. Avial is the only plant in the whole country that uses such technology as "finishing wire cleaning". This means that the buyer gets a fully ready-to-use product that does not require any additional investments after purchase to prepare it for work.

Photo: Telegram channel "Moscow Industrial"

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