Russian company automates Far East enterprises
2020-06-11 01:46

Russian company automates Far East enterprises

Russian company - resident of the ASEZ (Advanced Special Economic Zone) Khabarovsk to launch an educational project that will assist in the worker's training during the digital transformation of the local businesses. The company Aipiton is the region's well known leading software developers and providers of services for complex automation of enterprises.

According to the company's director Vladimir Kontarev, the company focuses on business applications and improving workflow efficiency to achieve greater productivity in enterprises already producing digital transformation, and those who are just about to start it. The developers have already implemented a number of automation systems, including transport management and routing system (TMS) and warehouse management system (WMS).

According to Vladimir Kontarev, the last major project implemented by the Aipiton team was an ERP system for automating warehouses, transport and mobile solutions at one of the largest enterprises in the region. Digital transformation of the commercial department took 12 months. Besides, the company representative told about the preparation for the launch of the global project ApicWorld for the development of employees digital skills.

Aipiton was established under an agreement with the Far East Development Corporation. Due to the ASEZ (Advanced Special Economic Zone) Khabarovsk significant tax benefits, the company invests additional funds to staff expansion and development of new products. For IT-companies, due to the fact that their main expenses are personnel, the ASEZ (Advanced Special Economic Zone) benefits provide significant support and savings compared to other industries.

To date, 36 residents of the ASEZ (Advanced Special Economic Zone) Khabarovsk have launched projects worth 20.4 bln RUR, of which more than 9.5 bln RUR are private investments. 800 jobs have already been created and another 1,500 are expected to appear in the near future.

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Author: Anton Petrov