Kolnag has exported haulm toppers to the Netherlands
2020-06-11 01:12

Kolnag has exported haulm toppers to the Netherlands

A member of the Russian Association of Specialized Machinery Manufacturers (Rosspetsmash), the agricultural machinery manufacturer Kolnag located in Moscow region has exported AVR Rafale haulm toppers to the Netherlands.

The machinery is designed for efficient haulm removal and is widely used in the European Union countries, which ensures its high demand from the European companies. Of the 40 machines planned, the first batch of 6 AVR Rafale has already been shipped to the Netherlands.

Since the AVR Rafale is a reversible attachment, it can be used on both the tractor rear linkage and the front linkage of a self-propelled combine.

The Kolnag plant has been manufacturing and selling AVR Rafale haulm toppers for 10 years in Russia and for export. The company's specialization in mechanical means of haulm removal has a significant advantage, as in contrast to chemical means of haulm removal, mechanical harvesting dose minimum harm to the environment.

Made in Russia // Made in Russia

Author: Anton Petrov