Russian company sold 9,000 work gloves to the USA
2020-06-18 06:46

Russian company sold 9,000 work gloves to the USA

The Russian manufacturer "Energia" form The Chuvash Republic located in the center of European Russia has exported a batch of 9000 work gloves to the USA.

The New York company, which was looking for quality and affordable gloves, contacted the Russian company this spring. The parties subsequently signed an export agreement under which three pallets of gloves were shipped to the customer. Soon, the new batch of products will be shipped again to the USA.

The Russian supplier is well-known for manufacturing and selling work gloves all over Russia and exporting them to many countries. The company has 2 workshops with more than 50 employees that produce 1.2 mln pairs of work gloves per month.

The working gloves are in high demand not only in Russian but also in different countries such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands and Germany. The company is also prepares to export to Italy, France and the UK.

For its outstanding performance and constantly raising export potential "Energia" has been awarded with the government award "Exporter of the Year".

During the COVID-19 outbreak the company suspended productions as do many of the Russian small businesses but at the same time, it has managed to increase export orders significantly.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova

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