Russian entrepreneurs to invest 50$ mln USD in new orbital launch vehicle
2020-06-19 12:15

Russian entrepreneurs to invest 50$ mln USD in new orbital launch vehicle

A company of private investors from Russia intends to create an ultra-lightweight orbital launch vehicle. The project has already got 50 mln USD as investitions, said the head of the project Oleg Mansurov.

Mansurov stated that to this day, Russia has never produced such missiles.

It is expected to weigh about 13 tons, and its length will be 20 meters. The rocket will be able to deliver at least 250 kg of cargo into orbits At the same time, the developers have a goal to achieve that the price of transporting the cargo into orbit is no more than 10 000 USD per 1 kg of cargo.

As Mansurov said they plan to commit commercial launches in 2024. The demand for small spacecrafts is constantly raising due to rapid development of IT-companies that demand quick and cheap ways to deliver cargoes into the orbit.

The head of the project stated that in Russia a state-owned corporations Roscosmos might be one of the main clients since they develop a Russian Space program of the multisatellite systems named Sphere that will demand to deliver into the orbit hundreds of small spacecrafts.

The "Success Rockets" is owned by three investors - representatives of the oil sector, IT-industry and construction materials production that already provided 300 mln RUR for the first stage of development. The preparations are to be done in a couple of months and the development will begin in autumn 2020.

The owners stated that they plan to attract more investor in partners to this project and are opened for proposals.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova