Russian exporters have concluded 80 contracts for almost 3 bln RUR
2020-07-07 08:45

Russian exporters have concluded 80 contracts for almost 3 bln RUR

Over 40 companies that are participants of the Export Growth Accelerator Program have signed 80 contracts for deliveries outside Russia worth over 3 bln RUR.

For example, the Kaluga Turbine Works recently concluded two contracts at once for export of its own equipment worth over 800 mln RUR.

The program was launched on July 1 last year by the School of Export REC together with the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia as part of a national project. In 2019 almost 160 companies passed the program.

According to the Director General of the School Alicia Nikitina, all the companies that graduated from the accelerator are accompanied and supported during the year.

She explained that now the annual cycle of the first participants of this training is being completed, and according to her, it has proved its high efficiency. Thus, the conversion to the signed contracts has already amounted to 26%, and this figure will continue to grow, because the annual cycle of the program for the remaining part of last year's participants will end only in December, concluded Nikitina.

Due to the pandemic, the accelerator was temporarily switched to online format.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova