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Vegetable storehouse construction has been funded in Dagestan

2020-07-22 06:55

Vegetable storehouse construction has been funded in Dagestan

Vegetable storehouse construction investment project in Dagestan has been started by the agricultural consumer co-operative Stimul.

The head of the enterprise, Mavlid Khaibulaev, said that the new vegetable storehouse will include four main chambers, each of which will hold 700 tons, and in total the warehouse will be able to store up to four thousand tons of products. It is planned to launch its work by mid autumn of this year.

The cooperative has received a grant from the regional Ministry of Agriculture to establish the storage facility. In this regard, Dagestan Agriculture Ministry's head Abzagir Huseynov stressed that the warehouse should not only store fruits and vegetables of farmers, but also facilitate their sale at favorable prices and help create jobs.

He explained that the management of the warehouse will determine every year what goods will be most in demand among consumers and will independently sell seeds of these crops to agricultural workers. This will allow, as the Minister stressed, to ensure the sale of fruits and vegetables after their storage.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova

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