Smolensk company exports agricultural machinery to Poland
2020-08-01 06:55

Smolensk company exports agricultural machinery to Poland

The Smolensk-based company Intensive Technologies has started supplying its products to a customer in Poland.

According to the company itself, the customer of the domestic manufacturer is a trading company from Poland, which sells imported agricultural equipment in its country and, conversely, supplies Polish agricultural equipment abroad.

"We were looking for a trading company, not an end customer, so we hope to develop our cooperation, establish a long-term relationship and, of course, new sales," reads the statement.

The aim of the Smolensk-based company is a long-term companion relationship. The Russian manufacturer also expects to sell its equipment through local dealers.

Intensive Technologies produces agricultural machinery and is one of the leading companies in its niche in the Russian Federation. At the moment the company produces horizontal and vertical auger feeders and straw spreaders. The range also includes tractor trailers for agricultural purposes and spreaders for organic fertilisers.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova