New tourist cluster may appear on the Kola Peninsula for 12 billion rubles
2020-10-11 04:35

New tourist cluster may appear on the Kola Peninsula for 12 billion rubles

The company "Port of Liinakhamari" intends to create a tourist and recreational complex on the Kola Peninsula.

It is expected to combine opportunities for sports, industrial, expedition, historical and cruise tourism.

There are plans to invest more than 12 billion rubles in the project realization.

The general director of the company Anatoly Kotovrasov considers that the cluster could become an alternative to Scandinavian analogues due to successful, in his opinion, location of the village of Liinakhamari. Thus, according to him, it is located at rather short distance from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Besides, the settlement has a wide range of tourism development possibilities, including arctic and nature tourism, winter sports and entertainments.

Kotovrasov pointed out that in order to use this unique place in full measure it is necessary to focus on creation of transport interchange hubs, both automobile, sea, railway and air. This direction, he said, should be the basis for the development of tourism in the region.

It is planned to organize here a center of winter sports with the necessary infrastructure, an aqua-center, to build hotels, to equip the glamping and tourist camps. Tourist routes on natural, historical and industrial objects will be also created. Another direction is equipping the places for fishing and diving in the Barents Sea.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova