2020-11-05 09:35

"Profotek installed transformers at Moscow's Gertsevo substation

Russian developer of innovative technologies in the field of photonics Profotek installed transformers of its own production at the Moscow 220 kV electric substation "Gertsevo".

The substation, located in the northwest of Moscow, is the largest substation of the United Energy Company (UEC). The total installed transformer capacity is 800 MVA, the substation feeds customers via 13 220 and 110 kV outgoing cable and air lines.

JEK JSC is a flagship in the application of the most advanced digital technologies. As a result of work on the project, "UEC" will significantly improve the reliability of electricity supply to consumers, as well as gain unique experience in operating modern technical solutions based on optical current transformers in power grids.


Since most of the damage caused by wind, falling trees, moving machinery or lightning strikes on overhead lines is unstable and self-repairing when the line is down, it is possible to restore power supply to consumers by reconnecting the line. However, due to the presence of cable insertion 220 (110) kV connections, departing from GIS-220 (110) kV, which does not allow automatic reclosing due to the cable design, and the practical ability to restore the insulation at a short circuit, the existing automatic reclosing is not provided.

JSC "UEC" has solved the problem of rapid restoration of power supply to consumers by creating a system of reclosing of 220 and 110 kV overhead lines on PS "Gertsevo" with the condition of its prohibition in all types of short circuits identified in the cable section (selective reclosing).

The main technical means of implementation of selective automatic reclosing are:

- 13 flexible optical current transformers (TTEO-G) manufactured by Profotech JSC, installed in the base of cable couplings at the transition points located in the territory of PS "Gertsevo", for measuring current at the cable-air line transition point;

- 6 reclosers for two KVL;

- 1 reclosing cabinet for one AVC and SOEV;

- 1 analysis diagnostics cabinet (SDA).

As reclosing terminals of AVC used microprocessor terminals TPU L500 production "Elecom", which fix the fact of short circuit on a cable section using differential protection of busbar with braking.

Formation of reclosing prohibition signal by the ATS terminal shall be performed with monitoring of ATS tripping by means of RPO signal (position relay is switched off). The blocking of the protection organs and the generation of a no reclosure signal must also be implemented in case of loss of power supply or a fault of the AHF terminal.

TPU L500 terminals are placed in cabinets in the substation PS "Gertsevo". Two TPU L500 terminals, two electronic processing units to receive data from TPU in digital form in accordance with IEC 61850-9-2LE standard are installed in the recloser cabinet.

Four TPU L500 microprocessor-based terminals are installed in the SDA cabinet for analysis and diagnostics of digital and analog current, voltage and binary signals of the bays. In this case the terminal is designed to register analogue and digital signals to the ATS KVL terminals as well as to register tripping and fault signals transmitted from the ATS KVL terminals via output relays and GOOSE messages.

Installation of above mentioned TPU L500 terminals to existing scheme of protection, automatics and automatic control system will ensure operation of reclosers of ATS 220 and 110 kV outgoing from "Gertsevo" substation and thereby increase reliability of power network operation. Integration of TPMS will improve the accuracy of measurements, reduce operational costs and ensure the safety of personnel in the secondary circuits.

About the project

The uniqueness of the "Gertsevo" re-equipment project is as follows:

- optical transformers are installed at the transition point of cable-air line without complex construction and installation work, which is impossible with the use of classical electromagnetic current transformers;

- For the first time, optical current transformers are used in an electric grid company without redundancy by classical electromagnetic current transformers;

- For the first time ever RPA terminals have been used in the algorithm which uses data from digital current transformers and classical transformers at the same time.

About company

Russian research and production company Profotech established in 2010, is engaged in development, production and application of its own innovative technologies in the field of photonics. The company offers fiber-optic current transformers and electronic voltage transformers as the basis for solutions for digital smart energy and energy-intensive industries. Today, Profotech's order book exceeds 500 million rubles, and the company successfully promotes its products in international markets.