The production of rotation angle sensors for railroad transport was launched In Russia
2020-11-15 09:50

The production of rotation angle sensors for railroad transport was launched In Russia

President of the Technopark of High Technologies of the Sverdlovsk Oblast - NPK VIP has developed and patented a unique equipment for railways as an invention - a sensor of the angle of rotation of DPS-I.

The developers stated that the uniqueness of the development is in the design and principle of operation based on measuring the angle of rotation of the wheel pair axis and converting it into discrete electrical signals corresponding to the angle of rotation of the wheel pair axis and proportional to the train speed.

Rotary angle sensor consists of a modulator, which is a permanent magnet of ring shape, which is attached to the hub of the wheel set axis and a sensor element located in the protruding part of the sensor housing and fixed to the lid of the wheel set axle assembly of the locomotive.

Specialists of NPK VIP noted that sensors DPS-I perfectly showed themselves on such locomotives as 2ES6 and 2ES10, produced by the plant Ural Locomotives, on the locomotive 2ES5K produced by Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant. They successfully passed bench, operational and metrological tests. The Rosstandart order approving the type of the measuring instrument was issued on October 11 this year.

The first samples of sensors have already arrived in Graz (Austria) for installation on the rolling stock. They have been highly appreciated by Austrian and German specialists.

The sensor we have developed is more effective than existing analogues, because firstly, it is non-contact and has no mechanical connection with the axis of the wheel set. Secondly, the measuring element of the sensor, being in the field of the magnet, is automatically shielded from external electromagnetic interference, which can affect the measurement. In this way, our sensor works more reliably and accurately. – said Alexey Korobeinikov, Project Manager

Not only are they successful in generating ideas here, but they have also learned how to effectively transform ideas into products and, most importantly, how to protect innovations with certificates and patents. Besides, the products of our resident are already known and highly appreciated on the profile markets, – Marat Nuriyev, General Director of Technopark, characterized the activity of the resident company.

For reference: Research and Production Complex VIP was founded in 1994. The company specializes in the development and mass production of sensors and sensors of physical quantities, power supply systems and control system elements. In 1998 the company managed to master the production in conditions of crisis and to start promotion in the market of a new high-tech type of products - pressure and force sensors based on "silicon on sapphire" technology. The results obtained in this direction allowed the company to start serial production of small-size pressure sensors based on manufactured sensors in the future. Key among them are technological processes of production of sensors of physical quantities. Among them are microelectronic technologies for formation of sensitive element structures and precision assembly operations.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova