Group-IB opens its European headquarters in Amsterdam
2020-11-13 03:11

Group-IB opens its European headquarters in Amsterdam

One of the leading international companies for the prevention and investigation of cybercrime and high-tech fraud Group-IB has opened its headquarters in Amsterdam.

According to the press service, the opening of its headquarters in the Dutch capital is due to the fact that this country is one of the key players in the world of cybersecurity. Thus, the headquarters of Europol, The Hague Security Delta, NATO Cyber Security Agency and European Cyber Security Information Center are located here. With the launch of the headquarters in the European Union Group-IB intends to increase infrastructure for global search of threats, as well as to bring the product line to new markets and strengthen regional support to its customers.

With this in mind, the company will work with local law enforcement agencies to counter cybercrime in Europe. Also, according to him, even before the official announcement of the opening of the office in Amsterdam, Group-IB received several proposals for joint work. For example, Threat Intelligence experts are currently being hired at the European headquarters. Already now Group-IB has organized training in the Netherlands and conducted trainings for bank security services and local law enforcement agencies.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova