Production of construction machinery in Russia grew 2.4 times in 4 years
2020-11-22 04:15

Production of construction machinery in Russia grew 2.4 times in 4 years

Production of construction machinery in Russia has increased 2.4 times in 4 years. It was influenced by a number of federal target programs and projects on road network modernization in the country. However, according to the results of the year a decrease in sales is expected, which was influenced by the pandemic.

As results of the analysis of the market of building technics in Russia from BusinesStat, spent this year, from 2015 to 2019 sales have grown in 2,4 times from 11,4 to 26,8 thousand units.

During crisis in 2014-2015 building firms tried to save at the expense of use of the second-hand technics and its service on a course. This helped to develop the market of spare parts and components for special machinery.

By 2016, used construction machinery in good condition had become scarce on the market and the availability of imported used machinery had also decreased. However, the request for fleet renewal was still in place, and construction remained significant despite the reduced workload.

From 2016 onwards, sales of machinery began to grow. Experts attribute it to the beginning of economic recovery and the sale of deferred demand. Also, the market recovery was influenced by the state support of the industry.

Substantial investments in construction were required to prepare the facilities for the World Cup. In addition, in May 2017, the implementation of the program of preferential leasing of road construction, municipal machinery and trailers began. This became an impulse for a significant growth rate of sales of construction equipment in recent years. But even so, the market has not returned to pre-crisis sales figures.

In the first quarter of this year, there was an active growth in sales of construction equipment. However, due to the pandemic, this trend has changed markedly, as many manufacturers of such equipment were suspended. As a result, production and shipments of construction equipment to the market decreased.

At the same time, due to the suspension of construction and repair work, the demand for construction equipment decreased significantly.

According to experts, by the end of the year the sales of construction equipment are expected to decrease at the level of 7.6%.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova