Halewood moved its gin production from England to Russia
2020-11-23 03:24

Halewood moved its gin production from England to Russia

Halewood Artisanal Spirits, the largest independent producer and distributor of alcohol in the UK, moved the production of J.J. Whitley gin from Liverpool to the Leningrad region to its plant in Kingisepp, Russia.

This was done in order to double the production of this product in Russia next year (to 1.2 million decalitres). Approximately one third of this alcohol will come from gin.

The company is currently pouring Red Square and J.J. Whitley vodka, said Elena Khrustaleva, General Director of the company. He noted that only the place of production has changed, but the equipment, technologies and ingredients have remained the same.

In the future, J.J. Whitley will be sold in Russia and exported to European countries.

In total, over 70 million roubles have been invested in sales. The plant was purchased from businessman Vadim Mamchur last year. At the same time, Halewood opened its first Whitley Neill Bar & Kitchen gastro bar in Russia, and later its branded shop The Drop Store.

Author: Ksenia Gustova