Urussa became the first Russian poultry meat brand in WeChat
2020-11-26 02:55

Urussa became the first Russian poultry meat brand in WeChat

The products of the Resource group of companies under the brand name Urussa were the first to be presented in the Chinese social network WeChat.

Resource group of companies was one of the first domestic poultry meat exporters to China last year.

According to Irina Klimova, Head of Marketing Department of the Resource group of companies, the company is interested in China as a sales market in terms of volume and marginality of sales. Therefore, according to her, Resource group of companies has adapted its products, taking into account the peculiarities of the country and choosing the right channels of communication with the end consumer.

In addition, the company has replaced packaging for export goods. For example, the usual cutting trays for Russians have been replaced with three-seam and single-seam bags. In addition, a traditional pattern associated with the Russian Federation was added to the film and the transliterated names "sunshine" and "Russia" were applied in Chinese characters.

Several features of China influenced the formation of the promotion strategy of Urussa brand. Among them are the country's size, limited access to a number of foreign Internet resources, and the significant difference between China and any other country in the world.

This, according to Klimova, was the reason for choosing WeChat, the most popular communication system in China, as the main direction of digital promotion.

The Urussa brand account in WeChat appeared in autumn 2020. The selection of content for the page takes into account the interests and preferences of Chinese consumers. The company also posts interesting information about Russia and national cuisine.

The main goal of the WeChat account is to increase brand awareness and take part in building up a regional distribution network.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova