New optics for trains were developed in Russia
2020-12-19 10:55

New optics for trains were developed in Russia

Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise "Technologiya" has developed structural optics for subway trains with improved visibility, durability and modern design.

The new optics will glaze the cabins of the new generation subway trains. Already now the contract for equipping of 90 coaches for the Moscow subway has been concluded. They are planned to be handed over till the end of this year.

Due to the new glazing it will be possible to increase the visibility from the driver's cabin by 27% as compared to the previous types of trains. The glazing elements themselves are electrically heated.

Each cab is equipped with a set of seven products from silicate triplex. It is about two heat-strengthened glasses, which are connected by a transparent elastic polymer film. Due to this film, in case of damage, splinters will not be able to disintegrate.

At present, metro trains of the new generation with improved characteristics are already running along the Circular Line in Moscow.

Made in Russia // Made in Russia

Author: Ksenia Gustova