New mini loader goes on sale in Russia
2020-12-19 04:35

New mini loader goes on sale in Russia

Sales of the new Russian articulated boom loader Mitrax MP 635 have started.

The manufacturer of this transport was the St. Petersburg plant Vulkan.

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The new mini loader is one of the samples of import substitution of European counterparts at a more favorable price.

The technique has distinctive features, for example, it has an articulated frame, a small turning radius and a convenient view of the work area.

Besides, the machine has a telescopic boom and a universal quick hitch for the attachment, as well as hydrostatic transmission and power steering.

The mini loader is all wheel drive with differential lock and is equipped with Yanmar or MMZ diesel engines.

Thanks to the universal quick hitch the technique can use more than 200 types of attachments.

This vehicle is suitable for municipal cleaning, farming and landscaping.

Made in Russia // Made in Russia

Author: Xenia Gustova