Another mobile technopark for children was created in Russia
2020-12-22 10:50

Another mobile technopark for children was created in Russia

Oreltecmash presented the mobile technopark Kvantorium Orel based on a KAMAZ truck. It is designed to educate children in science and technology programmes.

For instance, the students will be able to work here with space images, aerial photo survey, GPS/GLONASS data, as well as to learn how to select the best options for cargo delivery and to implement innovative technologies in aviation industry.


In addition, one program will introduce students to industrial robotics, which creates intelligent systems or shapes systems thinking in an engineering and worldview sense.

In VR and AR-quantum, students master three-dimensional visualization and work with virtual, augmented and mixed reality. They also create their own educational applications and design simulations. In the IT-Quantum, students work with the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and blockchain.


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mobile technopark operates in Orel


Previously, mobile quantoriums on the chassis of various Russian and foreign-made cars have been developed by Forward, GIRD and Mytishchi instrument-making plant.

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: Ksenia Gustova