Agro-Belogorie plans to double meat exports
2020-12-24 08:05

Agro-Belogorie plans to double meat exports

Trade House Agro-Belogorye intends to double export deliveries of meat products next year to 10 thousand tons.

First of all, it is planned to do this by expanding the product line.

According to Olesya Dmitrova, the general director of the company, now the company sells 10 different by-products outside the country. Since 2021, the company plans to start selling its products on the Asian markets.

Already this year the trading house has been accredited for sales in Vietnam. In two months the company managed to deliver more than 150 tons of by-products there. And exclusively for the Asian market the company began producing a line of by-products with a fixed weight. The company has plans to increase the sales volume to this country, as the Vietnamese market is considered one of the most promising for the domestic meat industry.

In addition, the trading house intends to sell its products in Singapore and the Philippines.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova