Viessmann has localized steam boiler production in Russia
2020-12-26 10:34

Viessmann has localized steam boiler production in Russia

The Viessmann brand has localised the production of Vitomax HS steam boilers in Lipetsk, and new equipment has been purchased specifically for this purpose.

The launch involved a team responsible for integrating the company's best practices and uniform quality standards for products at all sites.

At the moment, the plant has already produced its first high-pressure steam boiler, its capacity exceeding 3 tonnes of steam per hour.

Steam boilers produced at the Lipetsk plant will be used by the companies in the domestic market. "Production of boilers of higher capacity will be possible on special request - the Viessmann product range in this segment includes units, capable of producing up to 31.5 tons of steam per hour," said Alexey Tuleninov, head of the engineering support group of the Viessmann company.

According to him, the boiler's engineering solutions and technologies are unparalleled in the world. Burner mouth and rotary back chamber of flue gases are made without fireclay-concrete mixtures, and they are cooled with boiler water.

The large space and the large spacing of the flame tubes smoothes out the cyclical behaviour of the steam consuming equipment.

Thanks to such decisions it is possible to achieve failure-free boilers and high efficiency up to 95-96%.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova