Ruselectronics started producing devices to prevent fires
2020-12-26 10:21

Ruselectronics started producing devices to prevent fires

Ruselectronics Holding has launched the production of devices that help prevent fires due to faulty electrical wiring.

The equipment is installed in the house or apartment electric switchboard. The new device detects changes in the mains voltage parameters in case of a spark and automatically disconnects the mains from power supply.

One device can control the electric network within the area up to 150 "squares". The equipment has already been successfully tested and recommended for use by the Academy of State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Institute of Complex Safety in Construction.

Usually arcing occurs in places of weak contact, cable defect and as a result of mechanical damage or ageing of insulation. Regular electrical protection equipment not only fails to recognize this phenomenon, but can also damage expensive household appliances and cause a fire.

The holding has said that by the end of the year the first 100 thousand units will have been delivered. Starting next year, the production volume will be about one million pieces a year. In the future, the line of equipment will be expanded for application at industrial facilities.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova