Red Wings received the fourth Superjet 100
2021-01-02 05:25

Red Wings received the fourth Superjet 100

Russian airline Red Wings received the fourth Superjet 100.

It is an aircraft which made its first flight on May 21 last year and has not been operated anywhere before, according to the "Made by us" website.

Also, on January 2, the air carrier reported on the first results of using these domestic airliners. The average flight time for a listed aircraft in October-November was 6 hours a day.

Yevgeny Klyucharev, General Director of the company, called this result good for short regional flights taking into account the low season and the pandemic.

"In two and a half months, the SSJ100 aircraft in the Red Wings fleet carried 30,000 passengers," his words are quoted on the Red Wings website.

The airline was founded in 1999 and is based at the capital's Domodedovo airport. The carrier flies 160 scheduled and charter routes.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova