Exports of Moscow meat products almost halved
2021-01-11 05:07

Exports of Moscow meat products almost halved

In the past year, 2020, foreign deliveries of meat producers from Moscow enterprises increased significantly compared to 2019. According to the results of the first nine months of the year, it turned out that the total volume of meat supplies to foreign buyers in monetary terms amounted to 66.23 million U.S. dollars. This figure was as much as 46.77% higher than the results of the same reporting period of the previous year, 2019.

Export growth amid global crisis

More detailed comments on the state of the industry of foreign deliveries of meat products gave the deputy mayor of Moscow on economic policy Vladimir Efimov. He has underlined that the market of meat production all over the world is considered one of the most stable, predictable and steadily developing. The nearest confirmation to it - a condition of the Russian and, in particular, Moscow export in this segment of the food-processing industry. Even in conditions of severe global crisis associated with the pandemic, the volume of purchases from Moscow manufacturers from abroad not only did not fall, but even significantly increased, said Efimov.

The deputy mayor also noted that meat and poultry offal make up almost half of the capital's meat exports. Moscow enterprises shipped such products for three quarters of 2020 for the total sum of 32,68 million dollars that is 112% more in comparison with the period from January till September, 2019. The largest buyers of poultry meat and by-products were China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. To these countries, Moscow meat producers supplied products worth $18.06 million, $8.97 million and $2.19 million, respectively.

New trends and promising markets

Alexander Prokhorov, the head of Moscow department of industrial policy, has shared some details in the question. He said that in 2020 the meat products of Moscow production were delivered to 23 countries. The leaders in the procurement of all types of products were the same China and Kazakhstan, as well as Belarus, Iran and Hong Kong.
Metropolitan producers of meat products have even opened up new markets for themselves. For example, last year supplies of Moscow products to Georgia, Moldavia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan were established or expanded. The greatest demand is for frozen and fresh chilled beef, Alexander Prokhorov summed up.

Experts of the Moscow export support center "Mosprom" also expressed their position, drawing attention to some important areas of potential sales of meat products of Moscow companies. Thus, according to the results of the analysis, poultry meat is in high demand in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. At the same time, Belarus, Poland and China prefer pork and beef. Processed meat products from Moscow producers are mainly bought by Germany, Japan and Great Britain.

The general director of the center "Mosprom" Natalia Shuvalova added that the driver of the future growth of the Moscow meat products export should be considered the Asia-Pacific market, especially Vietnam and China. Both of these countries have recently mainly increased the volume of meat purchases. According to Mosprom experts, due to these countries, if the current trend to 2025, the global demand for meat could increase by 13 billion dollars. That is, global consumption of meat products in the world will add 4.4% each year.

Supply growth at enterprises near Moscow

In addition to the capital itself, enterprises in the Moscow region also supply meat products to foreign markets. And here, too, we can speak of a positive trend based on the results of 2020. And the growth dynamics here are even more pronounced than in Moscow itself.

For example, during the first nine months of 2020, Moscow Region producers sent a total of 82 million dollars worth of meat products in a wide range to foreign buyers. This is four times more than the indicators of 2019, reported the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture. In the previous period, the Moscow region exported meat products for only $16.8 million.

Minister of Agriculture of the Moscow region Andrei Razin praised the work of enterprises-producers of meat products and noted the largest exporters in the past year. Cherkizovo from Kashira and Marr Russia from Odintsovo were the local record-breakers in exports.

Andrey Razin also named the largest buyers of meat products from the Moscow region enterprises. In 2020 they are China with the largest share of 73%, Ukraine - 16% and Kazakhstan - 4%. In all these areas in 2020 was shipped more products than in the previous year, the minister concluded.

Structure of total exports of meat products of the Russian Federation

Positive tendencies in growth of export volumes of meat products from manufacturers of Moscow and Moscow suburbs are by no means exceptions and private cases. In 2020 the Russian export of such products has significantly increased in volume in principle.

According to the center "Agroexport" under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, this year was delivered abroad by 55% more meat than in 2019, a total of more than 500 thousand tons. In monetary terms, the growth is almost the same - by 54%, and the total amount of contracts for delivery amounted to 860 million dollars.

According to the preliminary economic results of the year, which were summarized by the Customs Service, meat products in the past year was the leader in terms of growth, surpassing five other major groups of food products.

For example, poultry meat was shipped abroad by 41% more - 285 thousand tons in volume terms, and by 32%, to 419 million dollars - in money terms. It is noteworthy that a large share in terms of value - 355 million dollars, or 85% of total shipments fell on chicken parts and by-products, and much less on undivided carcasses - about 12%, or 51 million dollars. Russia supplied turkey meat abroad for 13 million dollars, which is more than twice as much as last year.