Moscow is developing an innovative platform
2021-01-11 05:07

Moscow is developing an innovative platform

At the end of November 2020, Vladimir Yefimov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations, announced important news: an innovative digital platform is being developed in the capital in full force.

It is created with the purpose to support enterprises which are engaged in realization of production in the international market. According to the idea of the creators, the virtual platform will enable exporting companies to communicate directly with potential foreign partners.

The list of foreign consumers interested in buying Russian products will be formed with the help of the database provided by Mosprom. Recall that this institution was created specifically to help Russian enterprises to work in foreign economic markets. Also, domestic suppliers will be able to leave applications on the platform that they want to enter the international level of trade. The launch of the virtual platform is planned for this year.

According to Vladimir Yefimov, the need for such a portal is dictated by the fact that the capital's authorities have recently observed a sharp increase in interest from the side of other countries in the products of Moscow enterprises. The highest demand at the moment applies to communication and telecommunication equipment. The official noted that for 9 months of 2020 the export volume of fiber-optic cables alone increased by 79%, if we compare it with the same period of 2019. In monetary terms, it amounted to $1.74 million. Simultaneously with cable products, foreigners have an increased demand for equipment designed for the construction of communication lines. European countries show the greatest interest in Russians in this regard. It is stipulated by an active development of the Internet infrastructure and the popularization of 5G technologies.

Vladimir Yefimov noted that the Moscow authorities could not help but take advantage of this situation. That is why they decided to provide Moscow manufacturers with additional support in mastering international markets, in addition to the measures that are already in place at the moment. As stated above, the digital exchange is due to begin work as early as 2021. It will be possible to access the platform through the official Mosprom portal.

Specialists at the Mosprom center, among other things, are engaged in individual market research for the capital's enterprises. For example, they have revealed that the most promising areas for the development of export activities for the capital's manufacturers of telecommunications industry are such states as France, Poland, Norway and the Netherlands.

Alexander Prokhorov, the head of the capital's Investment and Industrial Policy Department, notes that Mosprom constantly monitors the current situation on the target markets. Experts analyze the general conjuncture, current trends, and the main factors influencing supply and demand. This allows Russian exporters to systematically expand their presence in already conquered segments as well as actively explore new markets. The official cited the Svyazstroydetal enterprise as an example. Today about 4% of all the company's products are exported. By the end of 2019, Svyazstroydetal sold goods worth 107 million rubles abroad. The main partner states of the company are the CIS countries, France, Lithuania and Latvia. However, the analytics collected by Mosprom showed that Sviazstroydetal's goods can have high demand in the Czech Republic as well. For example, the center's specialists investigated the global consumption of fiber optic cables for the first three quarters of 2020. They found that the Czech Republic became the 24th importer of fiber optic cable from the capital's enterprises. For the same period of 2019 there were no exports of similar products to this country, so the Czech market can bring good profits to manufacturers of products for the telecommunications industry. That is why in 2020 Svyazstroydetal became a participant of the Bayer program implemented in this region, which was organized by the research center together with the Moscow authorities.

Thus, analytical research from Mosprom can provide invaluable assistance to Moscow entrepreneurs in developing international markets. Thanks to the information gathered by experts, businessmen will be able to enter a new segment as quickly as possible and with a minimum of financial loss.

In general, in January-June 2020, businessmen from the capital managed to earn more than $2 billion by exporting non-resource non-energy products to Northern and Eastern European countries. According to Vladimir Yefimov, machinery (including cars), mechanical equipment, as well as medical products are in maximum demand. Goods of pharmaceutical and food industries showed the most powerful dynamics. For 6 months of 2020 the total volume of supplies of these products to Europe by Moscow manufacturers has almost doubled.

The official attributed the interest of European states to certain product groups produced by Moscow industrialists to their fairly close geographical location.

If we talk about the key buyers of products of the capital's industry, in January-February 2020 they were:

Czech Republic. Purchased food and medicines for a total of 177.16 million dollars;
Estonia - for $145.93 million;
Finland - $143.23 million;
Sweden, $103.98 million.

In January-June 2020, shipments of auto parts and mechanical devices to Denmark also doubled. This accounted for an overall 6% increase in exports of the capital's manufacturers to this country. It is also impossible not to mention Iceland. As compared to the first half of 2019, exports of goods from Moscow to the state increased almost 10 times in January-June 2020.