Made in Russia CEO points out the importance of developing a national brand on the example of the UK's exit from the EU
2021-03-24 03:59

Made in Russia CEO points out the importance of developing a national brand on the example of the UK's exit from the EU

Mikhail Sadchenkov, Director General of the Made in Russia Project and Deputy Director of the Roscongress Foundation, spoke about the need for any country or economic association to promote a national brand. This, according to him, is confirmed by the example of Great Britain after its exit from the European Union.

"The idea to create "Made in the EEU" brand has been voiced for a long time. But in fact, if you look at the example of the European Union, none of the countries, which has a strong manufacturing side, has abandoned their own brands: "Made in Italy", "Made in Germany" as it were, although there is a label "Made in the European Union", - he said in a live broadcast of "Food Tech Money with Sergei Cheryomush".

As an example, Sadchenkov cited the United Kingdom, which lost such a label after leaving the EU, but retained its position because the country has developed its own strong "Made in Britain" brand.

"In my opinion, investments in such projects always pay off as they are really in demand. Therefore, I believe that the strategy to promote nationally-oriented business has great prospects in the future, especially given the current situation, increased trade competition between countries and the sanctions component," he said, adding that the next five years will be particularly promising for the "Made in Russia" brand.

However, the CEO also pointed out that now many companies are not ready for export activities for various reasons, including failure to build business processes, unwillingness to disclose necessary documents, pay or undergo certification at a certain moment.

"State support measures that exist in this area are not always effective either. One example is the issue of transfers. We have a separate subsidy, which allows companies to reimburse expenses for translation of their promotional materials through the export support center. Often one company goes there and due to inadequate regulations selects the whole volume of these translations and no one gets anything afterwards," he said.

The project manager described Made in Russia as a business information hub. In the future, the brand plans to be transformed into a business information agency that will tell about business inside the country and abroad in 12 languages at once. He pointed out that now, according to his data, there is no such media, so the brand intends to develop in this niche.

"We have grown a lot in the last year. Aggregate for all our stories was about 60 million rubles, I hope that this year we will grow to 200-300 million," - concluded Sadchenkov.

"Made in Russia" is a digital trading platform and media platform for nationally oriented businesses. It consists of Made in Russia, a business information agency with an officially registered media outlet (, a trading house that sells and promotes goods and services outside the country.

All information is broadcast in 12 languages at once. The project's audience exceeds 50 thousand readers from 114 countries.

Sistema and Otkritie Financial Corporation are partners of the project.

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Author: Ksenia Gustova