Russian mountain climber to set world record
2021-04-09 10:06

Russian mountain climber to set world record

Diver climber Alexander Stroganov from Moscow intends to accomplish a unique achievement in two disciplines at once. In May he will climb Elbrus (5.64 thousand meters above sea level) and perform deep diving in the Red Sea (over 100 meters).

No person in the world has ever achieved such a record before, as such a high physical strain and huge pressure drop can be compared with that of a manned flight into space. At sea level the pressure is one atmosphere, but at 100 metres depth the pressure increases by a factor of 11.

Stroganov planned to break the record in 2020, but had to give up the idea for a year because of a coronavirus.

Now Stroganov is preparing for his forthcoming tests. He is being coached by renowned Russian specialists, Sergei Kovalev, one of the most decorated climbers of the CIS, and technical diving instructor Pavel Menshikov from Reef Oasis Dive Club.

Stroganov himself is a scholar and teacher in public procurement. He has been diving for 12 years and is one of the most experienced technodivers in the country.

Six years ago, the man dived to a depth of 150 meters, and in 2019 he installed a memorial sign with the coat of arms of Veliky Novgorod at the bottom of Lake Valday to mark the 75th anniversary of the city's liberation from the Nazi invaders. However, Stroganov has little mountaineering experience so far.

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: Ksenia Gustova